Parrot Painting finally delivered

I finally finished the Parrot Painting… it took a really long time to finally dry. I delivered it to my chiropractor, where it hangs proudly in his office.

here’s the story of the parrot painting evolvement…

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

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I have been through the ringer while making this picture… about 9 months give or take – I and have concluded that, although I feel tremendous guilt about the 800,000 children lost in sex trafficking satanist pedophilia rings, I have to be grateful for what I have and act grateful for what I have in order to rise above the “world” so to speak and be a part of the solution. Practice the Principle of Polarity.

There is no way that staring at “the effects” of what my culture has produced is going to make anything better. Instead, I just have to trustfully BE grateful and affect “the causal” realm,(Practice the Principle of Causation) not staring at the “macrocosm” – instead meet people one-on-one – not in the retail environment either – just one-on-one – people do the right thing, and I have to include myself in “people”.

Just the other day, I was traveling home late at night on a dark road and I came upon 2 cars stopped in either direction lights shining on each other, and a guy on a bicycle. I pulled up to see what all the fuss was about – it was a raccoon sitting in the middle of the road- too scared to run to the side. They were protecting it. That is humanity at it’s heart.

I prayed and the raccoon ran to the side of the road and we were free to move on our way. That’s prayer and humanity – it’s what what we have to work with.


MK Ultra Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Part 4: Fiona Barnett


I just started a new portrait of a Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor – Fiona Barnett. Fiona’s story is told well on her website. She even has a documentary film about her experience linked there as well.

Again, I am using oil on a paperbag as my medium. I am attempting to use a medium that has been used for centuries to preserve images of royalty on a substrate that people throw away carelessly everyday –

I have a personal interest in this topic, and have dedicated this body of work to Deb Shubert (1957-2000), who’s 2 daughters, Amanda & Melissa were subjected to Satanic Ritual Abuse in Connecticut. I have no idea if they survived. Deb was my friend – she had left her husband and moved to Woodstock, NY where I lived. She spoke of the abuse but most of us thought she was crazy as we had never heard of it back in 1996. We did our best to be her friend through her difficulties with trying to get custody of her daughters, and their father, having clout in the community, got an order of protection against her. It must have killed her that she felt so alone in this situation – knowing that none of us believed her, really. She died of cancer in 2000.

The Dark Luciferians believe that human life is for their use. They hold themselves above everyone else because of their bloodlines which go back to perhaps when the Nephilim (fallen angels) mated with the human-alien hybrids they had created – and they created an alien-human race who are psychopathic in nature and who have risen to be known as the “elite” 1% because of their ruthlessness in business.

They have stolen 85% of the world’s wealth and resources for themselves – The Rothschilds (Khazarians) and the Jesuits – among the tip top of the pyramid.

The Rockefellers being the American Arm of the Rothschilds. All these families engage in Satanic Ritual Abuse, which is how they create generational control over their New World Order Agenda.

Fiona Barnett is a survivor, where so many thousands of unaccounted-for children die.

Pizzagate is exposing to the mainstream only a tiny portion of this child-trafficking ring which financially and spiritually keeps the satanists going – it is the sap of their poisonous tree which will bring humanity to extinction.

Why? As an artist, what am I supposed to do? Sit back and watch as the money-holders destroy our beautiful planet? Am I supposed to do plein air paintings or pictures of pets?

I had to ask myself why? and what can I do? What is going on that is causing those with money to deny Native American’s their water supply and the Treaty that was established? Why is Big Oil not utilizing free energy as our planet species come closer to extinction? Why is Monsanto and other big Ag Companies turning a blind eye to the extinction of bees? Why is the US Navy sending sonic blasts through the ocean floor killing off the Great Barrier Reef which until now, has survived 300 billion years? WHY?

The only explanation which has made sense is that these Luciferian Bloodlines are feeding their Archon gods with our low-frequency emotions and blood – and what keeps that going is trauma-based sex-slavery and mind-control. They have some plan for escape for themselves, or this extinction is part of their eugenics agenda to reduce the earth’s population.

As an artist, if I don’t see images bringing attention to this situation, so I am bringing some.

Cathy O’brien & MK Ultra

Portraits of SRA Survivors Begun Part 1, Cathy O’brien

Theresa from Australia,/a>

Theresa, Part 2

Cathy O’brien, Part 2

Theresa, Part 3

Intuitive Drawing with Reading…1 of 4


The Drawing: You, are on the right side.Your body is twisted so that from the waste up, you are facing forward, and from the torso down, you are facing backward.  Your right foot is going in one direction – toward your Higher Self and your heart and mind just caught a wave coming from the left. There is a purple string at your feet (in the present) hooked around your right ring finger and between index finger an thumb you hold part of the string that leads to your Angel. Right – Action / Left – Intuition.

The message: Slow Down! You are always in Action! Always following the next wave as it comes through, but seeking only the crest of the wave, you miss the ebb and flow of the entire wave’s journey – and thereby miss the present (gift) and you feel twisted up – always worried that you might be missing something.

The Answer? To pause and ask for intuitive direction.

© 2016 Joanna Whitney 


Bi-Annual Human Sacrifice by Illuminati Council of 13 – Denver, CO

Pizzagate is not limited to Democrats or the DNC. It moves way into the recesses of the elite power structures of the whole world and has gone on way before it happened to get leaked by controlled opposition MK Ultra mind-controlled slave, Jason Assange.

This article might help the new person to this topic, begin to see what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of “Pizzagate”.

There will likely be another human baby sacrifice on the Winter Solstice in the basement of the Navarre across the street from the Brown Palace hotel in Denver, CO – performed by the Illuminati Council of 13

denver04At 1725-1727 Tremont Place, Denver, CO. The Navarre was once a Bordello, they dug a tunnel from the Brown Palace across the street to the basement of the Navarre – now the Council of 13 take that tunnel – they are Larry Mizel, Leonard Millman, and Bush/Rockefeller/Rothschild bloodlines –

I have been told that one could hang at the Ship’s Tavern Bar and watch the hooded figures descend through the unmarked door between the restrooms to head through the tunnel across the street to the Anschutz Corporation owned Navarre.

It has been going on bi-annually for years now – and will continue because Denver is the Capitol of the New World Order – the CIA moved there in 2005 – you should see the airport murals – Devil Mountain, DIA, Denver, NORAD and Roswell are all on the 104th Ley Line…

This has been written about extensively year after year – here are some MORE links to prove it – and if you still don’t believe it – you can call Stew Webb (website below) and ask him – I did. Governor Hickenlooper (Colorado) and Mayor Michael Hancock (Denver) are in Larry Mizel‘s back pocket so no one has done anything about this…

The Archon That Lives in Hampstead

This is the Archon that lives in Hampstead. What is an Archon? It is a demon – a form of negative angel that dark magicians have called in over the ages for help. The Archons help humans for a price. Archons feed on blood, lower emotional states and the effervescent spirits of children. Dark Luciferians and Satanists are ruled by the Archons which possess them. Hence, the Military Industrial Complex keeping the human blood sacrifice going for time immemorial, and Satanic Ritual Abuse of children, in the highest levels of government worldwide.

In Hampstead, which is a neighborhood of London, there were 2 kiddos living part-time with their mum, Ella Draper Gareeva & her boyfriend, Abraham Christie. Their names are Gabriel, age 8

and Elisa, age 9.Their mum noticed them behaving strangely while on holiday in Morocco in 2014 – she caught them touching each other in ways that were not normal for kids to do and so she asked them what was going on. What they told her was indeed, astonishing.

The kids were remarkably “ok” at the time when they first were interviewed by their mother, police and other professionals about what was happening to them. They seemed to have a pact of truth surrounding them. They had no idea that they were revealing, in graphic detail, is top secret mind-control programming which has infiltrated every community and is being used by government as a secret agenda for the future of this planet.

The Archon had devoured the entire city government of Hampstead, London, which is not surprising really, since it is throughought Parliament, and the Rothschilds, and all of the Royal Family, so when the testimony was brought to court, complete with details about birthmarks and tattoos that the accused had on their bodies,

the Judge ruled against the children with no investigation. Then even worse than that, the father, Ricky Dearman, spun the story so that the mother was accused of planting the story in the child’s minds to get full custody of the children, such that the Judge ruled in favor of the father getting full custody,

and the mother had to flee the country to avoid arrest. The grandparents said that the last time they saw the children, they were not the confident happy kids they had known – even after the abuse – they were scared, timid, and paranoid.

No one has seen the children since 2015 – are they still alive?

There is a 7 part documentary about Satanic Ritual Abuse here at this link, of which part 2 is about this case.

Artwork © 2016 Joanna Whitney

New Intuitive Drawing for client in Canada

Pen & Ink with Colored Pencil on paper, 4″ x 6″, signed by the artist.

Partial view of the reading “The Significator, you, sit on the right side of the scene.

The Right side is the masculine side, the side of action.

Behind you both are mountains, and a mountain lake, which reflects the sky: “As Above, So Below.”

Read Kahlil Gibran “On Marriage“, and also Emmet Fox “The 7-day Mental Diet”. 

We are in very dark times now on planet earth and we all have to do our utmost to not fall prey to undercutting one another and gossip. If there are people around you who encourage that you can ask Jesus Christ to stand between you and them and you will be placed in a protective bubble so that you will remain neutral and not have to participate. Then when you slip up it is of vital importance now to be especially careful to say you are sorry – we must uplift each other constantly now through this time.

Also,  it is time for you to just sit quietly or go for meditative contemplative walks in nature and hug trees or take your shoes off and walk barefoot in the woods. God has the future – we need to be in the present in faith.”

“Love the people you love with God’s Love because It is Infinite. In that way you release them and yourself from the imperfections of being human. This will also strengthen your ultimate reliance on God – not people.”

Artwork © 2016 Joanna Whitney – Psychic Drawings with Readings

Portraits: Cathy O’brien: MK Ultra Monarch Slave


Cathy O’brien, Oil on Paperbag, 16″ x 18″ … I decided to make her her age – she will be 59 on December 7.

Cathy O’brien, age 59, “ is the first documented autobiography of a victim of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien (was the first) vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch operation. Tracing her path from child pornography and recruitment into the program to serving as a top-level intelligence agent and White House sex slave, TRANCE Formation of America is a definitive eye-witness account of government corruption that implicates some of the most prominent figures in U.S. politics”…

I had decided to use paperbag because of it’s beautiful mid-skintone and because it is considered a “throw away” item – which these children are – by the “elite” Satanic bloodlines – 800,000 children a year are trafficked worldwide – most of them die. Cathy O’brien lived to tell her story.

Artwork © 2016 Joanna Whitney 2016 paintings – and also – Fine Art America.