PraKtikal MagicK 101c: Sigils & Art

So, as perhaps you may know…
I scry my art for clients – A client will send me a picture of themselves (for a heart connection) and I will pray and ask God what that person needs to know from me and then I will put a bunch of lines down on paper and then find a drawing in the lines, and as I draw it, first in black and white, I will get a lot of information, and then I will get a lot more when I add color. I try to use all the lines that I draw for them – and find all the information in the drawing and what I get from God, as I draw.

Well, I decided to go back to my initial SIGIL – and do a scrying drawing to find the Sigil and the story behind it. It is important to imprint yourself into the Sigil, so I figure drawing the drawing will to that.

remove the vowels and then all the double consonants

here are the lines I put down to find the sigil and the accompanying drawing…the backstory…

here I started to find the letters and the drawing…


here’s the Sigil that I will activate on the NEW moon, January 27th. I will burn it. I will keep the drawing though.

Here is the drawing, in black and white

And then I start to color it in… at this point, I am starting to hear that this is the Feminine Principle – the Goddess…as people awaken to HER presence and how she has been ignored – denied and wounded…The Holy Spirit flies out from her chest to the world in response to the People Having a Mass Awakening to the Truth…

She has green skin and is wearing a blue robe…like the earth – green life and water…

There is also a “note” I wrote on the bottom – I was watching a movie about “magick” and someone said “Using magick for his own gain – it is corrupting him – not meant for your own vanity” which is important to note – people have used magick to cheat – and the result – is where we are now – corruption, death…they have occulted magickal knowledge so that they might gain and the masses would suffer at their hand. We see this now with all the vileness coming out in pizzagate, beastiality and pedophilia – this is a result of hording the power for a small group.

And, here is the final drawing – with the Sigil…in purple. purple for the wings – and golden light coming from the Sun – Source – she has a halo over her head – she is benevolent.
/Sigils.html (which has the magic square of the planets to create sigils – very cool, but leads into Luciferian Magick, so apply protection)