Part 4a: MK Ultra Survivors: Fiona Barnett

Oil on Paper Bag 16″ x 20″ approximately

Antony Kidman dies amid allegations of child abuse] Antony Kidman was Fiona Barnett’s “handler” in the “elite” pedophile ring which held her against her will from the time she was a toddler until she was 15 years old.

this is a sketch of what I intend to do with the portraits for the show, mount them on butterfly wings.

Monarch Programming is another name for the MK Ultra program that these women are subjected to. Why Monarch? So many reasons… one is that the elite bloodlines that perform this heinous practice, are part of the “monarch-y”. Monarch butterflies are unique amongst butterflies in that they evolve generationally with changes to their environment. This is a main part of the eugenics plan of the elite – to adapt humans, generationally, to become non-human, by way of trauma-based mind-control, so that in several generations from now, humans will be just automatons with no free-will at all, having been abused from birth, they will be multiple-personalities and under the control of their handlers.

Cathy O’brien & MK Ultra
Portraits of SRA Survivors Begun (Part 1, Cathy O’brien
Theresa from Australia
Theresa, Part 2
Cathy O’brien, Part 2
Theresa, Part 3
Fiona Barnett, Part 4

Artwork © 2016 Joanna Whitney


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