Parrot Painting finally delivered

I finally finished the Parrot Painting… it took a really long time to finally dry. I delivered it to my chiropractor, where it hangs proudly in his office.

here’s the story of the parrot painting evolvement…

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

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I have been through the ringer while making this picture… about 9 months give or take – I and have concluded that, although I feel tremendous guilt about the 800,000 children lost in sex trafficking satanist pedophilia rings, I have to be grateful for what I have and act grateful for what I have in order to rise above the “world” so to speak and be a part of the solution. Practice the Principle of Polarity.

There is no way that staring at “the effects” of what my culture has produced is going to make anything better. Instead, I just have to trustfully BE grateful and affect “the causal” realm,(Practice the Principle of Causation) not staring at the “macrocosm” – instead meet people one-on-one – not in the retail environment either – just one-on-one – people do the right thing, and I have to include myself in “people”.

Just the other day, I was traveling home late at night on a dark road and I came upon 2 cars stopped in either direction lights shining on each other, and a guy on a bicycle. I pulled up to see what all the fuss was about – it was a raccoon sitting in the middle of the road- too scared to run to the side. They were protecting it. That is humanity at it’s heart.

I prayed and the raccoon ran to the side of the road and we were free to move on our way. That’s prayer and humanity – it’s what what we have to work with.


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