MK Ultra Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Part 4: Fiona Barnett


I just started a new portrait of a Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor – Fiona Barnett. Fiona’s story is told well on her website. She even has a documentary film about her experience linked there as well.

Again, I am using oil on a paperbag as my medium. I am attempting to use a medium that has been used for centuries to preserve images of royalty on a substrate that people throw away carelessly everyday –

I have a personal interest in this topic, and have dedicated this body of work to Deb Shubert (1957-2000), who’s 2 daughters, Amanda & Melissa were subjected to Satanic Ritual Abuse in Connecticut. I have no idea if they survived. Deb was my friend – she had left her husband and moved to Woodstock, NY where I lived. She spoke of the abuse but most of us thought she was crazy as we had never heard of it back in 1996. We did our best to be her friend through her difficulties with trying to get custody of her daughters, and their father, having clout in the community, got an order of protection against her. It must have killed her that she felt so alone in this situation – knowing that none of us believed her, really. She died of cancer in 2000.

The Dark Luciferians believe that human life is for their use. They hold themselves above everyone else because of their bloodlines which go back to perhaps when the Nephilim (fallen angels) mated with the human-alien hybrids they had created – and they created an alien-human race who are psychopathic in nature and who have risen to be known as the “elite” 1% because of their ruthlessness in business.

They have stolen 85% of the world’s wealth and resources for themselves – The Rothschilds (Khazarians) and the Jesuits – among the tip top of the pyramid.

The Rockefellers being the American Arm of the Rothschilds. All these families engage in Satanic Ritual Abuse, which is how they create generational control over their New World Order Agenda.

Fiona Barnett is a survivor, where so many thousands of unaccounted-for children die.

Pizzagate is exposing to the mainstream only a tiny portion of this child-trafficking ring which financially and spiritually keeps the satanists going – it is the sap of their poisonous tree which will bring humanity to extinction.

Why? As an artist, what am I supposed to do? Sit back and watch as the money-holders destroy our beautiful planet? Am I supposed to do plein air paintings or pictures of pets?

I had to ask myself why? and what can I do? What is going on that is causing those with money to deny Native American’s their water supply and the Treaty that was established? Why is Big Oil not utilizing free energy as our planet species come closer to extinction? Why is Monsanto and other big Ag Companies turning a blind eye to the extinction of bees? Why is the US Navy sending sonic blasts through the ocean floor killing off the Great Barrier Reef which until now, has survived 300 billion years? WHY?

The only explanation which has made sense is that these Luciferian Bloodlines are feeding their Archon gods with our low-frequency emotions and blood – and what keeps that going is trauma-based sex-slavery and mind-control. They have some plan for escape for themselves, or this extinction is part of their eugenics agenda to reduce the earth’s population.

As an artist, if I don’t see images bringing attention to this situation, so I am bringing some.

Cathy O’brien & MK Ultra

Portraits of SRA Survivors Begun Part 1, Cathy O’brien

Theresa from Australia,/a>

Theresa, Part 2

Cathy O’brien, Part 2

Theresa, Part 3


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