Intuitive Drawing with Reading…1 of 4


The Drawing: You, are on the right side.Your body is twisted so that from the waste up, you are facing forward, and from the torso down, you are facing backward.  Your right foot is going in one direction – toward your Higher Self and your heart and mind just caught a wave coming from the left. There is a purple string at your feet (in the present) hooked around your right ring finger and between index finger an thumb you hold part of the string that leads to your Angel. Right – Action / Left – Intuition.

The message: Slow Down! You are always in Action! Always following the next wave as it comes through, but seeking only the crest of the wave, you miss the ebb and flow of the entire wave’s journey – and thereby miss the present (gift) and you feel twisted up – always worried that you might be missing something.

The Answer? To pause and ask for intuitive direction.

© 2016 Joanna Whitney 



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