The Archon That Lives in Hampstead

This is the Archon that lives in Hampstead. What is an Archon? It is a demon – a form of negative angel that dark magicians have called in over the ages for help. The Archons help humans for a price. Archons feed on blood, lower emotional states and the effervescent spirits of children. Dark Luciferians and Satanists are ruled by the Archons which possess them. Hence, the Military Industrial Complex keeping the human blood sacrifice going for time immemorial, and Satanic Ritual Abuse of children, in the highest levels of government worldwide.

In Hampstead, which is a neighborhood of London, there were 2 kiddos living part-time with their mum, Ella Draper Gareeva & her boyfriend, Abraham Christie. Their names are Gabriel, age 8

and Elisa, age 9.Their mum noticed them behaving strangely while on holiday in Morocco in 2014 – she caught them touching each other in ways that were not normal for kids to do and so she asked them what was going on. What they told her was indeed, astonishing.

The kids were remarkably “ok” at the time when they first were interviewed by their mother, police and other professionals about what was happening to them. They seemed to have a pact of truth surrounding them. They had no idea that they were revealing, in graphic detail, is top secret mind-control programming which has infiltrated every community and is being used by government as a secret agenda for the future of this planet.

The Archon had devoured the entire city government of Hampstead, London, which is not surprising really, since it is throughought Parliament, and the Rothschilds, and all of the Royal Family, so when the testimony was brought to court, complete with details about birthmarks and tattoos that the accused had on their bodies,

the Judge ruled against the children with no investigation. Then even worse than that, the father, Ricky Dearman, spun the story so that the mother was accused of planting the story in the child’s minds to get full custody of the children, such that the Judge ruled in favor of the father getting full custody,

and the mother had to flee the country to avoid arrest. The grandparents said that the last time they saw the children, they were not the confident happy kids they had known – even after the abuse – they were scared, timid, and paranoid.

No one has seen the children since 2015 – are they still alive?

There is a 7 part documentary about Satanic Ritual Abuse here at this link, of which part 2 is about this case.

Artwork © 2016 Joanna Whitney


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