Winter Solstice, 12/22/16 – Denver, CO

There will likely be another human baby sacrifice on the Winter Solstice in the basement of the Navarre across the street from the Brown Palace hotel in Denver, CO – performed by the Illuminati Council of 13

denver04At 1725-1727 Tremont Place, Denver, CO. The Navarre was once a Bordello, they dug a tunnel from the Brown Palace across the street to the basement of the Navarre – now the Council of 13 take that tunnel – they are Larry Mizel, Leonard Millman, and Bush/Rockefeller/Rothschild bloodlines –

I have been told that one could hang at the Ship’s Tavern Bar and watch the hooded figures descend through the unmarked door between the restrooms to head through the tunnel across the street to the Anschutz Corporation owned Navarre.

It has been going on bi-annually for years now – and will continue because Denver is the Capitol of the New World Order – the CIA moved there in 2005 – you should see the airport murals – Devil Mountain, DIA, Denver, NORAD and Roswell are all on the 104th Ley Line…

This has been written about extensively year after year – here are some MORE links to prove it – and if you still don’t believe it – you can call Stew Webb (website below) and ask him – I did. Governor Hickenlooper and Mayor Michael Hancock are in Larry Mizel’s back pocket so no one has done anything about this…


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