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PraKtikal MagicK 101c: Sigils & Art

So, as perhaps you may know…
I scry my art for clients – A client will send me a picture of themselves (for a heart connection) and I will pray and ask God what that person needs to know from me and then I will put a bunch of lines down on paper and then find a drawing in the lines, and as I draw it, first in black and white, I will get a lot of information, and then I will get a lot more when I add color. I try to use all the lines that I draw for them – and find all the information in the drawing and what I get from God, as I draw.

Well, I decided to go back to my initial SIGIL – and do a scrying drawing to find the Sigil and the story behind it. It is important to imprint yourself into the Sigil, so I figure drawing the drawing will to that.

remove the vowels and then all the double consonants

here are the lines I put down to find the sigil and the accompanying drawing…the backstory…

here I started to find the letters and the drawing…


here’s the Sigil that I will activate on the NEW moon, January 27th. I will burn it. I will keep the drawing though.

Here is the drawing, in black and white

And then I start to color it in… at this point, I am starting to hear that this is the Feminine Principle – the Goddess…as people awaken to HER presence and how she has been ignored – denied and wounded…The Holy Spirit flies out from her chest to the world in response to the People Having a Mass Awakening to the Truth…

She has green skin and is wearing a blue robe…like the earth – green life and water…

There is also a “note” I wrote on the bottom – I was watching a movie about “magick” and someone said “Using magick for his own gain – it is corrupting him – not meant for your own vanity” which is important to note – people have used magick to cheat – and the result – is where we are now – corruption, death…they have occulted magickal knowledge so that they might gain and the masses would suffer at their hand. We see this now with all the vileness coming out in pizzagate, beastiality and pedophilia – this is a result of hording the power for a small group.

And, here is the final drawing – with the Sigil…in purple. purple for the wings – and golden light coming from the Sun – Source – she has a halo over her head – she is benevolent.





/Sigils.html (which has the magic square of the planets to create sigils – very cool, but leads into Luciferian Magick, so apply protection)

Praktical Magick 101: Sigils

Part 2:

a positive statement, I make to myself – to God – to change my thoughts which are predominantly negative and full of fear…I have been doing this for years – just repeating the phrase over and over in my head, but now I am going to add the visual element, along with the “pen to paper” element… On one of the youtubes I watched about this, a gal said that this is “chaos magick” because it is not done mathematically – (which I gather would be using the magick square), and so because of that, you “have” to activate it by putting a bodily fluid on the Sigil. I don’t agree with this. I know from scrying these drawings, that I imprint my soul in the drawing when I put pen to paper. That’s why it’s better to have original art in your house than “prints”. Prints don’t contain the electromagnetic imprint of the artist, whereas original art does…So, I am going with that…

Take out all the vowels…and then double letters…

this is what I am left with for my sigil…my solidified prayer…which is all that art is anyway –

then I do my scribble -this time I did with my left hand with my eyes closed…and in here I look for my Sigil…


“M, N, Y”

“M, N, Y, C”

“M, N, Y, C, S, T, Q”

…”M, N, Y, C, S, T, Q…K, L”

…”M, N, Y, C, S, T, Q, K, L…D”

… plus a hidden “infinity” symbol in the scribble, too….

Here’s the drawing, with the Sigil extracted…

Here is the Sigil, alone. Money Comes To Me Quickly And Easily…Always.
I will activate this Sigil on the January 27, the NEW moon.

Part 1:

I am feeling like I need to participate in the game those in the “know” are playing. I am not going to call them the “elite” or the “illuminati” because they are NOT. They might LIKE to be referred that way but they are SICK – psycopaths – with no care. They are just the one’s who have occulted the knowledge that was meant to be for everyone.

As an artist, I have a strong feeling that my gift was not just about drawing and painting things that I feel like drawing and painting. Austin Osmon Spare, artist and warlock, shared my feelings. He too was an artist, but also an occultist. He was perhaps a little more geared toward the dark than I am – I prefer to ask for the will of God for the Highest Good and not mess around in darkness. I personally believe that was the intention to begin with – to use our powers for good.

I think that, (and this is overly simplified) Hermes Trismegistus came to earth several thousand years ago and gave us ALL the principles which govern this planet which are in The Kabalyon:
Mentalism, Correspondence, Polarity, Cause and Effect, Gender, Rhythm, Vibration…

From that developed the many mystery schools in Egypt, and later in Judea, India (Ayurveda & Yoga), China – Chinese Medicine, Native America (Shamanism), Celtic, Africa, around the world…

Some assholes – decided they were smarter than the rest of the “minion” and decided to occult the knowledge, and use it for themselves…the Dark Luciferians of many cultures.

Now things which used to be a part of our lives, are hidden. We are left, at the end of the 25,600 year cycle, with what those people who have the occulted knowledge are selling us.

But No! We can use it too! For ourselves and for the Higher Good of ALL.

Here is a link to a document called Practical Sigil Magic by Austin Osman Spare and re-interpreted by Frater U.D.

I worked on a BUNCH of them last night. I also reviewed Grant Morrison (comic artist and practioner of Magick), and a bunch of youtubes on Sigil Magick.

The Sigil I wrote, that I am sharing with you is “I wish that the People have a Mass Awakening to the Truth”

I followed Spare’s suggestion to create an “I wish” Sigil that I can use over and over. Then I did one for “People”
and one for “Mass Awakening” and one for “Truth”. I started out following the directions on Sigil Daily’s website, went over to Angel Fire and made a few on the Magic Square …

I slept on it. This morning I woke up and it is definitely in my subconscious and being integrated into the way I [scry](http://joannawhitney.weebly.com/psychic-drawingsreadings.html) my drawings. I was able to come up with this Sigil in this circle.

I am going to wait till January 27, the New Moon, to activate this Sigil,- I wish I could do it before the “inauguration) but I am going with the Moon, and Mercury going direct on the 8th, we will be well out of the outgoing shadow by then.

I encourage everyone to try this out for themselves. This is OUR information – for US – the people. It is not to be hidden for negative purposes.

http://www.angelfire.com/journal/cathbodua/Sigils/Sigils.html (which has the magic square of the planets to create sigils – very cool, but leads into Luciferian Magick, so apply protection)


Part 4a: MK Ultra Survivors: Fiona Barnett

Oil on Paper Bag 16″ x 20″ approximately

Antony Kidman dies amid allegations of child abuse] Antony Kidman was Fiona Barnett’s “handler” in the “elite” pedophile ring which held her against her will from the time she was a toddler until she was 15 years old.

this is a sketch of what I intend to do with the portraits for the show, mount them on butterfly wings.

Monarch Programming is another name for the MK Ultra program that these women are subjected to. Why Monarch? So many reasons… one is that the elite bloodlines that perform this heinous practice, are part of the “monarch-y”. Monarch butterflies are unique amongst butterflies in that they evolve generationally with changes to their environment. This is a main part of the eugenics plan of the elite – to adapt humans, generationally, to become non-human, by way of trauma-based mind-control, so that in several generations from now, humans will be just automatons with no free-will at all, having been abused from birth, they will be multiple-personalities and under the control of their handlers.

Cathy O’brien & MK Ultra
Portraits of SRA Survivors Begun (Part 1, Cathy O’brien
Theresa from Australia
Theresa, Part 2
Cathy O’brien, Part 2
Theresa, Part 3
Fiona Barnett, Part 4

Artwork © 2016 Joanna Whitney

Merry Astro Theology

I found this smashed can in the parking lot at work – and then pun was so clear I could not stand it. During the [Council of Nicaea](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Council_of_Nicaea), those in the “know” got together and changed things around in the Bible to the story of Jesus Christ is the old threadbare homogenized astrotheological story of the pagan gods, so that the people would be confused and manageable.

The mish-mash story goes like this: At the zero point of the Spring Equinox, the Sun begins to travel through the Northern Hemisphere, gaining strength as it passes through the 3 houses onward to the Summer Solstice – at it’s Highest, entering the tropic of Cancer – the longest day of the year – through Leo – and then into Virgo. Here is where the Christian Astrotheological Myth begins to unfold.

As the Sun goes into Virgo, it is the Sun dying on the Southern Crux (cross) as it begins to “Fall” into the Autumn Equinox… the Sun was on the Cross marking the time of the death of the Sun – as He passed through Scorpio, the Scorpion stung Him – and He is dying on into the Winter Solstice – Tropic of Capricorn – which as far south as the sun will go – the shortest day of the year – December 22 – The Sun has died on the cross of the Zodiac. He hangs on the cross for 3 hours (days) – no visible sign of the sun for 3 days until…

December 25, when the Sun is Born – the Birthday of the Sun, to the naked eye, begins to ascend toward the Spring again… about 6000 years ago, when Virgo was the Age – the sphynx was created – as the Leo/Virgo creature – the Face of a Virgin and the body of a Lion, looking East to the sun- Virgo, at that time, was the Spring Equinox… then the 9 month gestation period for the Sun to be born was May – East Star Sun day – the first Sun Day after the first full moon – so that the Goddess, Mary/Isis/Inanna could give birth to the Sun.

This Sun Savior Story has been told over and over for at least 40 Dieties dating back many thousands of years B.C. Adad, Adonis, Alcides, Amen-Ra, Attis, Baal, Bali, Beddu, Bremrillah, Budha Sakia, Cadmos, Crite, Deva tat, Dionysus, Eros, Feta, Fohi, Gentaut, Hesus, Hil, Horus, Icshy, Indra, Ixion, Jao, Krisna, Milkado, Mithra, Odin, Orus, Osirus, Prometheus, Quexalcote, Sali, Tant, Thammuz, Thor, Tien, Wittoba, Xamolxis, Zhule, Zoak, Zoroaster…

Did an Enlightened Avatar live in Galilee with a powerful message on how to live in peace? Yes! Probably – However, his true story has been co-opted and turned into the pagan Sun myth to conceal the true message…so that we can have what we have today – most people worshiping the story –

“Santa (Satan) is to break the bonds of trust between parents and their children, parents lie and the children find out and the trust bond has been broken. All brought to us by the architects of control!” — Timi Woody

Shut down the expansion of knowledge and Sol Invictus which are not the higher levels of awareness – not the true teachings. The true WAY OUT – is through the Neo Cortex. The Light of the World, the Way the Truth and the Light, Performing Miracles, Rising from the dead after the 3rd day, Virgin Mother, Son of God…

John Baynes, in The Stellar Man, says that Jesus Christ was the result of Moses, who was an adept in the Egyptian Mystery School, had always wanted to see his people free… He did not realize that it is not possible to free people form slavery because slavery is a state of mind… but he performed Enochian Magic and called in an Archon, called Y. (Yaldaboath), to help him free the Jews… Y. agreed to his wishes, but requested that the Jews sacrifice a small amount of blood – (circumcision) … but eventually, as it turned out Y. was pure EVIL, demanding more and more blood sacrifice. Moses realized this to his shock and called the wise men together and they did another ceremony in which they called in Jesus… Y. in the meantime, expelled the spirit that embodied the earth, and took it over for himself…about 200 years later, Jesus was born, and once he had finished his Mystery School Training, the Christ, a Solar Angel, embodied him… however, Jesus Christ was not able to conquer Y. and so both have ruled earth ever since.

Check out Mark Passio on Astrotheology

Artwork © 2016 Joanna Whitney